Klymap Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Last updated: September 19, 2020

Throughout this Privacy Policy, Klymap is defined to mean the Klymap app. 

As with most apps, Klymap collects data about you, our users. While our specific policies will no doubt evolve with our app and service, we are guided by four core principles:

  1. It is ultimately your data and we will be respectful of how you choose to have it shared;
  2. We will be good shepherds of your data for as long as you agree to let us have it, and use it only for the betterment of your experience with us;
  3. We will not give anyone else your private identifiable data;
  4. When new features are not obviously addressed by your existing privacy settings, privacy “defaults” will be chosen to reflect our best guess as to the likely wishes of a typical user.

By using Klymap you agree to the following terms of our Privacy Policy. You can play Klymap without ever registering or providing any Personal Information, (personally identifiable information) for as long as you want. When you do decide to provide us Personal Information, we call this registering.

Information You Provide

When you register, you may provide, and we may collect some or all of the Personal Information that you provide. This includes items like, your name, email address, phone number, photo, location, etc.

Other Information We Gather

When you use Klymap we gather information that is freely available as part of most HTTP requests, such as your IP address, your location, browser information, and your Klymap playing habits. When aggregated, and personal identifiers are removed, we may provide this information in aggregate to partners about how our users use Klymap and how our users interact with their services.

How We Use this Information

The Personal Information you provide is used to create your Klymap account and to provide content and an experience that is tailored to your unique profile.

We never share or sell our users’ personal data without explicit email consent from our users. We believe that, if Klymap’s usage is consistent with our principles outlined above, it is acceptable to use aggregated private data to deliver services, so long as the data itself remains private.

Core Service: With Klymap you can post eco-friendly action on your map for a certain period. None of this will be stored afterwards, it is a permanent service.

Product Research: We track usage data to help understand what features are popular, optimize pins, badges, communication designs, and so forth. In aggregate, this information may be provided to our partners to create a better user experience for our Klymap community.

Targeting: We will not target our users for advertisement purposes.

What We Share and Disclose

When you register with Klymap, you agree to let us display your name , picture, your Klymap photos, and other Klymap activity such as badges and pins that you have earned.

If you enter yourself into a Klymap contest that has an associated prize, you agree to let us communicate your name and contact information to the contest sponsor for the sole purpose of awarding the prize. Otherwise and only for legitimate law enforcement purposes, we will not disclose your personal contact information to third parties without your explicit consent. Among other things, that means we do not share your personal contact information with advertisers without your explicit consent.

Modifying Your Information Privacy Preferences

You can control most of your Personal Information on your Klymap Profile page. Any changes take place immediately. Please note, however, that when you remove a profile from search engine indexing, it can take several weeks or more for it to disappear, and that we can’t control the policies that different search engines may employ with respect to honoring “no-index” requests. If you would like to delete your Klymap account, go to settings to delete your account

Personal Information Safeguards

Klymap strives to safeguard all user information to keep it private however hardware or software failure or other unforeseen factors may compromise the security of user information at any time.

Klymap Privacy Policy only governs the Klymap application.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

By using our app, you agree to use the terms that are in effect at the time you are using it. You agree that we may change our policy over time and you will be subject to those revisions. Whenever we post material modifications to our Privacy Policy, we will announce it publicly and will provide you time to make any changes or delete your account before those policies are put into place.

Any other questions or concerns about our privacy should be addressed to [email protected] with the subject Privacy Questions. We appreciate your trust and will be guided by our core principals.