Our Planet. Our Actions

Klymap is a map-based
social network
bringing local change-makers

Discover the green side of your city

With your map, see and be seen by others. On Klymap, you can find out what your friends, neighbours and local business are doing to make a difference. 

Share your own environmental drive​

Post temporary, map-based actions. Every Klymaction is a step towards a more sustainable future.

Be Rewarded for your Impact

Every Klymaction is already a win, both for our community and for the environment. But Klymap is also a game. When you level up, Klymap plants trees for you and the visibility of your actions increases. 

Join Klymap as a local business

Local businesses are full participants to the community. They are welcome on Klymap.

Earn recognition for your eco-initiatives

Your eco-friendly actions will not be overlooked anymore. Klymap helps you show how your business is making a difference. The more you do, the more visibility you will have for your actions to finally get the recognition they deserve.

Link what you do with where you are

Each Klymaction you post as a business is linked to where your business is situated. This makes it easy for members of the community to come and check out your business and your actions.
You can also add a web link of your choice to your profile, to show your products to members who are interested.

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